General Data Protection Regulation

The typical personal data which are processed and transferred are names, adress, Social Security Number, passport number, gender, year of birth, email adress and telephone number.

In addition to this, information is collected and processed in respect of credit cards, payments, travel plans, travel days as well as information on special wishes in respect of seating in airplanes, meals, special wishes for transportation, overnight stays and similar.

To the extent that authorities, air carriers, and travel agencies request such information - or to the extent that this is relevant in respect of the treatment of special wishes in relation to the travels - the information which is collected and processed can also include sensitive personal data, such as religious beliefs, information on health and, in rare occasions, information on registered criminal offences.

What is the purpose of processing and transferring of the data? 
One purpose is to plan and order travels as well as a number of other services related to such travels including the booking of overnight stays, transportation, meals at hotels and restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, the purpose of collecting and processing of data is to execute the travels, including the execution of changes to travels already booked if necessary and relevant, to keep the company updated on travel plans and geographical position and to carry our payments for services related to the travel and accounting of the travel itself and all related expenses.

Finally, the information will be processed for analysis of and follow-up on the travel policy of the company and for statistical purposes related to the general booking of and use of travel services by the company.
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